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VENETIAN VEIL - The Lands of the Living and the Dead [cd]


The Lands of the Living and the Dead

compact disc edition

1.  Asleep in the Land of the Living
2.  Quiver
3.  The Lamb
4.  Awake in the Land of the Dead
5.  Treeline
6.  Phantom

This CD edition was released by the band themselves!

VENETIAN VEIL is a creative duo from Sacramento, California, who, over the course of the last decade, have released a string of EPs and albums exploring a vast array of dark and ethereal sounds.

Having started playing together in 2007 in the experimental post-metal band (Waning), Jim Willig (Lament Cityscape, Audioemetic) and Susan Hunt began releasing music as VENETIAN VEIL in 2010. From the gothic kosmische instrumentals of their Conjurings audio cassette series and live film scores, to their more song-oriented albums fusing ambient, goth, and shoegaze sounds, the band has actualized their own virtual world of sound: the sounds of sleep transmissions from the minds of another world.

With their mini-album THE LANDS OF THE LIVING AND THE DEAD Venetian Veil weaves a tapestry of sound that could be described as minimilist-Morricone meets post-goth folk with the patience of Steve Von Till and the melancholic worldly beauty of Dead Can Dance.

"It greatly reminds me of the early 80’s when The Cure created Faith, 17 Seconds and Pornography, albums that truly pulled you into their misty, Victorian era like, dark and tragic romanticism. Light the candles, a drink of what you please and settle down to the Venetian Veil, as they take you to The Lands of the Living and the Dead." - Adele Sinnamon, Onyx Reviews

"...focuses on a wide range of dark and atmospheric sounds, bringing together features from darkwave, post punk, goth, shoegaze and ambient into something quite imaginative...carries a deep kind of darkness mingling with a traditional dark folk tone." - Destroy//Exist

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