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THE LUNGS - Psychic Tombs [vinyl lp]


Psychic Tombs

psychoplasmic green vinyl  (ltd to 500)
die cut heavyweight old style "tip-on" packaging & full-color inner sleeve

a1.  Wrong Window
a2.  Jesus Rode in a Pale Hearse
a3.  Cross Cult
a4.  Vizitant
a5.  Hidden Hand
a6.  The Lizard Anthem
b1.  Tetraphobia
b2.  CuCo
b3.  Winters
b4.  Psychic Tombs
b5.  Fugue State

THE LUNGS have a mantra: “make it visceral,” and with their dynamic live performances and series of independently released EPs, this Los Angeles-based punk power trio has been doing just that since 2016.  Driven by the daily hand-to-mouth grind that they and their fellow Angelenos endure, and fueled by the macro volatilities that sparked the anger of so many Americans, The Lungs express their discontent with a surge of infectious post-hardcore dynamism.

“The Lungs find a productive balance between melody and aggression with this release and step their game up considerably with this release.  Now’s the time to start paying attention these guys, people.”
- New Noise Magazine

“The band write music that carries the punch of punk rock and the chaotic yet focused drive of post-hardcore.  Think The Bronx meets At the Drive-In in the alleyway after a Drive Like Jehu gig.”
- No Echo

“Confrontational, cathartic, and calculated, The Lungs are a shining example the evolving meld of aggressive music of all types.”

“Very Born Against-style, off-kilter hardcore with some weird tunings and tempo shifts and abstract lyrics.”
- Maximum Rocknroll

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