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HEAD CUT - Head Cut [vinyl lp]

$15.00 - $25.00

Head Cut

black vinyl
hand-printed & numbered heavyweight old style "tip-on" packaging
comes with digital download card
(due to the hand-printed nature of the packaging, there will be variations and there may be imperfections)
• white cover  (ltd to 150)
• black cover  (ltd to 40)

a1.  Cactus Flower
a2.  Straight Line
a3.  Rompecabezas
a4.  Vital Redeemer
b1.  Tears
b2.  Ojos en la Luna
b3.  Cold Shoulders
b4.  Insect Secret
b5.  Heart

Formed by longtime friends who had longed to play music together for years, the stars aligned in May of 2021 when HEAD CUT came into being. Seamlessly blending their past bands and influences, they create music is at various times dark, dancey, slow and fast, with some songs sung in English and others in Spanish. Head Cut is constantly pushing the envelope and riding the line between the British post-punk and SoCal punk rock sounds. In November 2021, the band headed into the Captains Quarters with recording engineer Armand John Anthony, and laid down 9 songs for their self-titled debut album.

Featuring members of Detoxi, Massenger, Catholic Spit, The Fucking Wrath, Sweet Reaper, Stalag 13, Stop Breathing & many more, HEAD CUT blend sounds from their past bands, creating something new yet comfortably familiar.

“[P]erfectly captures the kind of tribal ritualism of early 80s positive punk that immediately paved way for the Batcave, a club that united across oceans and continents the music of artists such as Death Cult, Siouxsie & The Banshees, 45 Grave, Gun Club, and Christian Death, all on one fog-laden dancefloor.”

“Imbued with all manner of delirious-danceable rock, from the breathless blitz of dueling guitars to thunderously collapsing percussion.”
- Grimy Goods

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