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FORM RANK - Form Rank [cassette]


Form Rank

black/white cassette  (ltd to 50)

a1.  Silence
a2.  Rebuild
a3.  Brutality
a4.  Crisis
a5.  Glory
b1.  Crazy
b2.  Delusion
b3.  Retribution
b4.  Dummy
b5.  Mania

Hailing from the ever-fertile punk landscape of the San Fernando Valley, FORM RANK's brand of American Oi! and early '80s style melodic hardcore pays homage to its roots with freight-train guitar riffs, plodding drums, politically & socially-driven lyrics, and anthemic melodies that will have you shouting along by the second chorus.

"Over a pummeling barrage of hard guitars and propulsive rhythms, Form Rank pen lyrics that are politically & socially-driven, delivering shout-along-worthy choruses along the way. The last few years have found the group playing shows, sharpening their playing approach and songwriting." -

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