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COLLAPSING SCENERY - Acid Casual [vinyl lp]


Acid Casual

lysergic lavender  (ltd to 110)
hand-printed & numbered heavyweight old style "tip-on" packaging
(each print is uniquely colored -- due to the hand-printed nature of the packaging, there will be variations and there may be imperfections)

a1.  You Already Know
a2.  Body Snatched
b1.  Feed My Head (Til I'm Dead)
b2.  True Levelers
b3.  Bootlickers

COLLAPSING SCENERY is the meeting of two fertile and febrile minds, Don Devore (Ink & Dagger, Lilys, The Icarus Line, Amazing Baby) and Reggie Debris.  Collapsing Scenery straddles the gaps between music, art, film and politics, seamlessly moving between each with the same ease at which they traverse the globe, soaking up experiences and immersing themselves in different cultures.  Since they formed in 2013 “under a pall of paranoia and disgust” they haven’t stopped moving.  Recent collaborations include Jamaican dancehall legend Ninjaman, Beastie Boys producer/collaborator Money Mark, and no-wave pioneer James Chance.  The band also has remixes out or on the way from Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle), Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux), Uniform, Youth Code, Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance) and more.

Collapsing Scenery’s inception can be traced back several years when New York-based artist/musician Don De Vore and musician friend and LA resident Reggie Debris collaborated in programming events with D’agostino and Fiore gallery on the Lower East Side, beginning with a video installation which lead to a month of music and visual programming called ‘Rebuild Babylon’ which in turn evolved into a traveling residency series.

While some bands claim to be exponents of the DIY ethic, Collapsing Scenery are entirely self-sufficient, operating outside of traditional avenues.  “We’ve tried to mostly play in spaces outside of the usual club circuits,” says Debris.  “We generally play in basements, warehouses, garages, parks, galleries, living rooms - and traveling with our own sound-system, power supply and visuals has enabled that. We’re 100% self-contained.”

Collapsing Scenery offers a new vision for how a modern band can be.  They’re not even a band – they’re curators of a series of planet-spanning events, expressions, exhibitions, albums, installations, journeys, adventures and parties, all operating outside of the confines of the tired traditional industry.

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